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Winter Water Heater Maintenance

Winter Water Heater Maintenance

You rely on your water heater the most throughout the cold winter months. You tend to have more friends and family over for the holidays who add to your water usage, and who doesn’t love a hot shower after dealing with the brisk cold outside? In the winter, you rely on your water heater to work effectively. The last thing you want to deal with is no hot water on a cold winter day. If you have noticed that your water heater is having a hard time keeping up, it may be time to repair or replace your unit.

Winter Maintenance Basics

One of the best ways to make sure your water heater is performing at its best is regular maintenance. It is recommended that you check your system yourself throughout the year, but also have a professional come in at least once a year for a full assessment. Most water heaters should be drained annually to help manage build-up inside that can impact the overall efficiency of your water heater, especially in areas that experience hard water. It also helps to ensure that the pipes leading to and from your water heater are properly insulated. Common problem areas include:

  • Turning up the thermostat – This is a great place to start if you feel like your water heater is underperforming. You don’t want to go over 125 degrees, as this could cause scalding and interfere with the energy efficiency. 
  • Check Power Supply – Be sure that everything is connected properly, and that nothing appears damaged. 
  • Limit Switch – When temperatures get too high, your water heater will automatically switch the thermostat. This could be why your water doesn’t seem to be getting cold.
  • Consider Age – If your unit is over 10 years old, it may simply just be time to replace. 

Water Heater Assessment

If your water heater is underperforming, and you’ve checked all you can, turning to a professional is your next best step. They will be able to assess your water heater and determine any repairs that could increase the quality of your unit. They will also be able to suggest if it would be more beneficial in the long run to install a new water heater. The professionals at D. Rohde Heating and Plumbing can help. Contact us to learn more.