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Winter Maintenance for Your Home Plumbing and Appliances

Winter Maintenance for Your Home Plumbing and Appliances

Sometimes the health of your appliances and plumbing are related.  During the winter months in Poughkeepsie, NY, you may notice that your appliances and plumbing don’t work as well because it is colder, so maintaining these things is vital to the optimal functioning of your home.

The Water Heater

If you have a tank water heater, it will not perform as well as it should if there is corrosion or rust in the tank.  It is essential to have is serviced or flushed in the warmer months of the year so that you aren’t inconvenienced by flushing the tank in freezing weather.  If you do find rust coming from your water heater, it is time for a replacement!

Water Pipes

Water pipes lead to your dishwasher and clothes washer.  It is easy for these pipes and hoses to freeze because they aren’t usually insulated to protect them from the freezing weather.  To make sure your hoses and pipes for your appliances don’t freeze, heat the space with the pipes well and insulate them if possible.

Appliances in Unheated Spaces

Some people like to keep a freezer or washing machine in a garage.  If your garage isn’t heated, then you may have problems with these appliances working well during the winter.  If you do have garage appliances that you use regularly, consider heating the space or not using them while the weather is below freezing.  If you can unplug them so that they don’t overwork, it is a good idea.  Insulate any pipes that you have in unheated areas to better protect your plumbing system from the cold.


Check your outside vents to make sure they aren’t ever blocked by snow.  If you do find a blocked vent, clear it away and check the appliance to make sure that it still works properly.  Clogged or blocked vents can damage a machine, so it is crucial to monitor them after a heavy snowfall or storm that causes debris to blow around the outside of your home.