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Winter Heating Tips for Poughkeepsie, NY

Winter Heating Tips for Poughkeepsie, NY

Many times, you may need to know how to heat your home because of a storm or your heating source isn’t working correctly, and you must wait for service.  If you must wait to have your heating serviced in the winter, there are many things you can do to keep your home and household warm while you wait for help.

  1. Gather everyone into one room and seal off the rest of the home. Keeping everyone in one area will help conserve and distribute the heat that is created by the people in the room.  Insulate the room by placing blankets across the doors and windows.
  2. Wear hats and scarves to conserve heat. Keeping your head warm will result in your body being warmer.
  3. Dress in layers for warmth and insulation against the cold weather.
  4. Don’t wear wet clothing. If you do get wet from a storm, have a change of clothes ready so that you aren’t in clothes that make you feel colder.
  5. If there is anyone in your household with an illness that is an infant or elderly, get them to a location with working heat right away. A family member that is at risk of illness in the cold weather should always be in a heated place.
  6. Avoid heating your home with a stove or oven. These appliances can cause an unhealthy level of carbon monoxide in your home.
  7. Stay in contact with the technician assigned to work on your heating emergency. Have a plan before the technician arriving so that you can have your heat back on right away.

A broken heater during the winter months in Poughkeepsie, New York, is never fun.  Take the proper precautions and follow the tips above to make sure that the members of your household stay warm if you have a heating emergency this winter.  If you notice that your heater isn’t working correctly throughout the winter, have it serviced before it stops working completely.