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Why Fall is the Perfect time for Furnace Maintenance

Why Fall is the Perfect time for Furnace Maintenance

Fall is in the air. The leaves are beginning to fall, and the temperatures are slowly starting to turn colder. Before winter hits, it is important to make sure your home is ready. 

One of the most important aspects to consider before winter hits is your furnace. The last thing you want to experience is heating issues in the middle of winter. By performing fall maintenance, you’ll be ready to face the cold with confidence.

Why Perform Maintenance?

There are numerous reasons why performing regular maintenance is good for you and your furnace. This is especially true with the winter months coming ahead. Don’t let yourself be left in the cold due to unforeseen issues. There are many benefits to performing maintenance, including:

  • Your safety – When temperatures drop, you don’t want your home to be without heat. This not only impacts your comfort, but your different appliances and piping as well. Blocked vents, or dirty burners can also lead to health issues with the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Your Utility Bills – If your furnace has any type of build-up, it is going to have to work harder. This can impact your monthly energy bills. Studies have shown that when your appliances are working at their peak, you can save around 20% on your overall utility costs. 
  • Costly Repairs – When caught early, certain issues in your furnace could be easily replaced and repaired. When left unattended, these little problems can lead to much larger issues. Routine maintenance can help you catch issues before they become too costly. 

Your Furnace

The winter months are not far away. It is important to have your furnace checked to ensure that it is ready for the upcoming season. While there are certain aspects that you can check yourself, turning to a trusted expert can help ensure that your furnace is ready to work at its best. The team at D. Rhode Heating, Plumbing, and AC are available to help with any of your home’s heating or cooling concerns.