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When to Have Your A/C Repaired

When to Have Your A/C Repaired

As summer comes into full swing, hundreds of thousands of households across the United States will start using their A/C units much more than they did during the cooler seasons. During this time, it is wise to become familiar with the signs that your A/C unit is not operating at full capacity. That way, you can get ahead of any problems. You can have a professional make the repairs necessary before the issues get worse and you’re forced to purchase a whole new A/C unit.

Here are a couple of the most common issues requiring repair.

Blowing Warm Air

The first and most obvious sign that your A/C unit is not working properly is if you notice that there is warm air coming out of your vents while you have your thermostat set to cooler temperatures. To test and make sure if the unit is functioning incorrectly, set the thermostat in your home to an even lower temperature and see if your vents continue to blow out warm air. If they do, your unit is not functioning as it should, and you need to contact a professional to take a look.

Increased Humidity

If your home seems to be more humid than it should be, you should inspect your A/C unit or have a professional do so. An A/C unit is designed to keep moisture levels in the home at a comfortable level. The unit itself uses water to cool the home and would otherwise make a home extremely humid. If you notice steam on the tops of your mirrors or just a general humidity in your home that is not typically present, you will want to have a technician investigate.

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