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What Are the Signs of a Faulty Well Pump or Pressure Tank

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Well Pump or Pressure Tank

If you live in a home that gets its water from a well, you know that your well pump is one of the most important appliances in your house. It draws the water up from your well into the pressure tank, where it is stored for your use. The pressure tank can also have problems, so it is important to understand the indicators of problems with each, so you can get the issue addressed appropriately if there is a malfunction. Here are a few common signs of well pump problems.

  • Increases in electricity costs. If you see a sudden surge in your electric utility bill, it could be related to your well pump or pressure tank. When they experience problems that reduce the efficiency of the system, the bill starts increasing.
  • Flushing the toilet changes water temperature. If you are taking a shower and get a stream of extremely hot water when someone flushes a toilet, it likely indicates a problem with your tank. Be sure to have a plumber check this out immediately.
  • Faucets that spit. If you sometimes get a burst of air through your faucets that creates a spitting effect from the water, it could indicate a leaky pressure tank bladder. Be sure to check this out if it happens frequently.
  • Clicking pressure switch near the tank. If the bladder of air in your pressure tank is losing air, it may create a clicking sound that comes from the pressure switch. This strains the motor and reduces the longevity of the pump, so it is best to address the problem right away.
  • Water pressure. Well pumps have an electric motor, so if the motor is failing it will affect your water pressure. A skilled professional can diagnose the cause of your water pressure issues.

Living in a home with well water comes with its own set of maintenance requirements, but you can ensure the lifespan and function of your pressure tank and well pump but calling on an experienced plumber any time you suspect a problem. Reach out to D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & AC today at (845) 453-9072, if you suspect an issue with your system.