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Well Pump Services
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Well Pump Repair, Install & Replacement

Well pump problems surface, and the solution is either a well pump repair or a new well pump installation. No two well pump problems are ever the same. The right team, parts, and workmanship can provide the solution your home or business needs. Well pumps are always of out of sight and out of mind until a unit stops working properly. Before they fail completely, there are signs that a failure is about to happen. A repair or well pump replacement will be the next logical step.

  • Noisy, Clicking Sounds: Well pumps have a tank bladder that can strain the pump’s electric motor. The bladder fills with air, and it can leak and escape. Sometimes, there is a clicking sound from the pressure switch when this happens. Any similar noise should be a sign that something is not operating smoothly. Call a plumbing expert to come out and take a look.
  • Faucets That Spit: Those spitting faucets are a sure sign that something might be wrong in the pressure tank. Such sporadic air spurts are hard to miss and overlook. Without repair or replacement, the problem will not go away by itself.
  • Scalding Water When Showering: The last thing anyone wants to experience is a quick burn from scalding hot water when showering. This can occur if someone flushes a toilet in your home while you are showering. The pressure drop caused by a faulty pressure tank allows more hot water to get through than cold water. This creates that sudden, dangerous surge of hot water.
  • Higher Electric Bills than Usual: Well pump and pressure tank problems can easily reduce your home’s energy efficiency. This can result in high electric bills. Check your bill each month, and if there are no apparent usage causes for an increase, it could be pump or pressure tank problems. Consider calling out a technician if the problem persists and the cause is unknown.

What to Expect Concerning Repair or Replacement

At D. Rhode Plumbing, Heating & AC, we have the licensing and service provider skills that our customers in and around Poughkeepsie can trust. We have the experience to repair well pumps above and below ground. The good thing about today’s submersible pumps is that manufacturers design them to last up to a quarter of a century. However, their life span shortens when there are high levels of particles and sediments present. Well pump replacement is the likely solution.

The key is to work with a contractor that can tackle any job that requires a well pump installation. Well pump repair, installation, or replacement is quite often beyond the ability of the average individual. It is the quality of our work that sets us apart.

Our experts can walk customers through all the inspection steps like electrical control box and pressure testing and inspection, and water pressure and booster pump inspection. Proper maintenance and repair of your system can also increase the value of your home or property when selling. Call one of our representatives today to schedule an inspection and to learn more about how we can assist. We are happy to discuss pricing options as well.

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