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Water Treatment Service
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Water Testing Services Poughkeepsie

No one can argue that water is an essential need. A healthy body needs a certain amount each day to function normally. Polluted water is more than just dirty. It can be deadly. Each year, tens of millions of people around the world get sick as a result of water pollutants.

Many water contaminants are preventable. According to the United Nations, water is a basic human right. The is why plumbing contractors play such an important role in helping ensure community water wells and plumbing systems contain safe drinking water.

When it comes to plumbing, we do it all at D. Rhode Heating and Plumbing. We offer one-stop plumbing services to residents and businesses of Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas. Water testing is one of those important services. There are a number of homeowners with private wells on their property. Private wells pump groundwater into storage tanks for domestic use in homes or businesses. However, groundwater can become contaminated and harmful for human digestion. Home and business owners should test their private wells on a regular basis.

The Source of Well Water

Rain and snow seep into the ground and supply wells with water. As much as 90% of the world’s supply of freshwater sources from ground water. This ground water lies just below the earth’s surface. Water table is the term used for the top portion of this ground water.

There are three functional components of well systems. These include pressure switches, a storage tank, and the well’s pump. The pump forces ground water into the storage tank. The storage tank compresses the air and creates the pressure that allows water to find its way into the home. Use of the tank’s water causes a drop in pressure which activates a switch. This switch engages the pump to repeat the process. Once again the pump forces water into a chamber where compression takes place.

Well Water Contaminants

Well water contaminants include clay and sediments. Water solids that bond and group together can eventually breed bacteria and viruses. Additional contaminants may include iron, soil nitrates, arsenic, calcium, and organic material in decaying stages.

Water Testing Service Experts

When private water systems supply water, a lab analysis can help ensure if the water is safe to drink. Lab testing looks for signs of chlorine, odors, off-coloring, bacteria, and E Coli. There are still many homes with lead piping. Excessive amounts of lead are harmful, even deadly, to the kidneys, brain, and nervous system. This is a major reason why residents and business owners in Poughkeepsie should schedule water testing on a regular basis.

Ways Water Can Become Contaminated

While water supplied from water treatment plants is free of lead, the contamination of any lead pipes from your own water system may cause lead to dissolve in its water supply. Here are contamination signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Since your home has lead and copper pipes with soldered joints, there are a lot of opportunities for contaminants to slip into the water supply.
  • There are cases where lead from street piping can slip into a home’s water supply as well.
  • Storage tanks contain oil, chemicals, gas, and a host of other harmful chemicals. These tanks are located above and below ground. There may be as many as 10 million of these tanks or more scattered around the country. These tanks corrode, crack, and leak.
  • There are millions of septic tanks around the country used by offices, homes, and buildings that do not connect to a city sewer system. These tanks can produce viruses and bacteria.
  • Hazardous waste can find its way into underground water sources. There are more than 20,000 hazardous waste abandoned and uncontrolled sites in the United States.
  • Landfills provide an additional source of possible ground water contaminants.

If you suspect any contaminants have invaded your water supply system, do not hesitate to call the plumbing professionals at D. Rhode Heating and Plumbing. We can schedule a visit with you and advise the next steps to address a contaminated water supply. We are also happy to give you a free estimate of any possible costs involved.

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