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Water Filtration
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Water Filtration Systems Poughkeepsie

Whole house filtration systems can be an essential solution for removing contaminants from water through filters connected to the water line. The experts can advise if your house is on well water or city water.

What Is in Your Water?

It goes without saying that most well and tap water in America contains moderate to heavy elements of contaminants. Industrial and environmental pollutants are the source. Every water source on the planet contains some form of pollution. This includes rivers, lakes, glaciers, and wells. The contaminants can source from chemicals made by humans, or from minerals that occur naturally.

Surface water of lakes and rivers remain exposed to acid rain, pesticide runoffs, runoff from storm water, and industrial waste. Of course, ground water systems can suffer contaminants from pathogens that cause disease. There are essentially two types of water filtration systems that can offer protection:

  • Point-of-Use: This water system treats water directly from where you use it. An example would be a faucet filter, water pitcher filters, and refrigeration filters.
  • Whole House: This water system addresses water filtration at the point where it enters your property. These come in the form of water softeners, whole-house chlorine filters, and filters that address UV microbes.

Types of Whole House Filtration Systems

When you install a whole house water system, you can eliminate a wide range of problems that can affect the taste, appearance, and quality of the water you drink and bathe in. The system removes contaminants from water coming into your home. The system that your plumbing professional will install depends on the type of contaminants you need to remove from your home. The filtration system will also depend on whether the water source is from a spring, well, or the city.

Residents who use city water can use a whole house system with a carbon filtration element that removes a particular contaminant. Softeners can also combine with any whole house filtration system.

  • A heavy duty filtration system is the first type. It offers high-performance due to the type of filters it uses. This system can last up to ten years before it needs replacing.
  • The second type is a water cartridge of standard capacity. Manufactures place these inside durable filter housings canisters. They can treat contaminated water throughout the entire home. While more affordable, these units do require a more maintenance.

Whole House Water Filter Benefits

There are numerous benefits that come with an installation of a whole house water system. Everyone likes the idea of having clean water for bathing and showering. Homeowners also like the idea of extending the life of their appliances and water pipes. Homeowners know their water is soft when it does not leave spots on their glassware and silverware. Who does not want healthier hair and skin that are free of contaminants?

There is peace of mind that comes with the installation of whole house water filter installations. When it comes to clean water, nothing is more important for the family’s health. Call the experts today at D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC to schedule an inspection and to learn more about the benefits of installling a whole house water filtration system. We can walk you through all of the possible replacement and installation scenarios. We can also advise on solutions with your budget in mind.

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