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Water Filtration Options for Your Home

Water Filtration Options for Your Home

Water Filtration

Many homeowners in the Poughkeepsie area have concerns about the quality of the water in their homes. Luckily, there are many different solutions that can improve the quality of drinking water and even make a whole home’s water supply healthier and cleaner. If you have concerns about minerals in your drinking water or simply want to ensure the water in your home is as clean as possible, it’s essential to consider water filtration for your home.

Drinking Water Filters

If you’re only concerned about the quality of the water you drink every day, small consumer-grade filtration devices could be a good solution. These devices come in several varieties, but they typically include specialized pitchers for drinking water that you refill on a regular basis, water filters built into refrigerators, and devices that attach to sink faucets. While these are good for smaller homes and suitable when you just want to filter your drinking water, it’s important to consider the value of water filtration for your whole home.

Water from public systems typically has a range of minerals in it, and the quality of drinking water can fluctuate wildly between different locations. You may enjoy the tap water in one place and find it awful in another location. However, taste is not the only thing that changes with mineral content. “Hard” water, or water with high mineral content, can also be bad for your skin and hair. Using it to shower every day can eventually take a toll on your body.

Whole-Home Water Filtration

If you would prefer to filter all the water coming into your home that you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing, then a whole-home system is the best option. You can find heavy-duty systems that will operate for 10 years or longer before they need replacing as well as cartridge-based systems. A cartridge system is more affordable, but it will require more regular maintenance.

Water filtration can be a great addition to any home. If you’re interested in adding a water filter system to your home in Poughkeepsie, we can help. Contact D. Rohde Heating & AC today at (845) 453-9072 for more information about these systems.