Google Guaranteed
The Google Guarantee:
The Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that pass a Google & Pinkerton background screening and qualification process.

What that means to you:
  • It gives the customer a piece of mind knowing that the D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC Ownership & Team have been fully vetted by Google and is part of a list of licensed & qualified professionals that can be trusted to get the work done right the first time.
  • 29 Dec 2021

    The winter months are often associated with more time inside of the home with friends and family. While this can be a great blessing, it can also put your drains through extra work. People may be showering more often, or you are preparing larger meals that run the ri...

  • 10 Aug 2021

    Tree roots require oxygen, water, and nutrients to thrive, so your plumbing system can be a particularly appealing environment for these roots to intrude on. Water vapor that escapes from your pipes to the outside soil causes tree roots to naturally grow toward your ...

  • 15 Feb 2021

    Residents in Poughkeepsie, NY may experience all sorts of clogs in their plumbing, but one of the most challenging to tackle is hair clogs in the shower. Humans shed a large amount of hair every day. While a few strands of hair aren’t much of a challenge for your d...

  • 30 Jan 2021

    Spring in New York is a truly special time of year. Many people flock to the area to see the blooming trees and enjoy the warm weather that New York spring has to offer. Though there are many wonderful parts about this time of year, the spring thaw often brings about...

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