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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Your toilet will likely only offer you 10 to 15 years in your home, but it is one of the most used objects in your household. This means your toilet can handle a lot of daily use. While some toilets don’t give a warning sign before their lifetime is up, there are many signs to help you tell it’s time to replace your toilet.


If you have cracks anywhere on your toilet, it could lead to leaks around your toilet and further problems from the moisture and more. If any water is pooling around the bottom of your toilet, it’s a good sign you should call your plumber to have it checked out and prevent it from harming your home.

Loose Toilet

You may notice that your toilet is loose or unstable. If this happens, tighten the toilet into place yourself or hire a handyman to do so. If your toilet continues to get loose, it could indicate leaking in the floor under your toilet. This can happen from small leaks over time, which cause rotting in the floor under your toilet, making it soft. It’s best to have a plumber check your toilet if it continues to get loose.

Water Constantly Runs

You will definitely notice if the water in your toilet is constantly running because you will hear it. This may not mean you need a replacement, but it for sure means your toilet needs a repair. With toilets that need to be replaced, this issue may be repeated often.

If you’re in the Poughkeepsie, NY area and your toilet is showing one of these signs, contact D. Rohde’s Heating & Plumbing today. One of our experienced plumbers will take the time and care to address your issue and let you know if you need a new toilet.