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Well Pump Services
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Well Pump Service & Install in Wappingers Falls

If you need well services in the Wappingers Falls, NY area, D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing has experienced technicians dedicated to making sure your well pump is installed and maintained well.

Well Pump Installation Services

Our technicians are experienced with submersible pumps, jet pumps, and hand pumps.  If you need well installation, our team can help you decide what type of pump will work best for the water on your property.

  • Submersible Pumps: A submersible pump is a well pump that sits in the well.  It looks like a long cylinder and brings water up from the well.  This type of well pump works best for well that are many hundred feet and can last for more than 25 years.  Submersible pumps are reliable as long as they are correctly maintained.
  • Jet Pumps: There are two types of jet pumps.  A single drop jet pump sits above a well and uses a motor to draw the water up a pipe that sits in the well.  This is the type of pump that you would see in a well house.  A double drop jet pump works for wells that are deeper because the jet is in the well while the motor is above the well.
  • Hand Pumps: A hand pump is typically used when there is a power outage, and water is needed.  Our technicians can install a hand pump for you to use for emergency or intermittent use.

Well Pump Maintenance and Repairs

Well maintenance includes inspections and tests to make sure that everything is working correctly.  Having regular inspections can help you avoid problems with your well in the future that are costly.  During a maintenance inspection, our service technicians will inspect your well and test it to make sure that the water is safe and flowing properly.

  • Inspections: During a test on your well, we will perform a visual inspection and make sure that the well is pumping water properly.  We will measure gallons per minute and makes sure that the pump is functioning correctly.  We will also inspect the wellhead and make sure that the seal is working correctly.  If you have an issue with your seal, we can sanitize the well and make any repairs needed.  An internal inspection is provided to make sure everything is working right with the motor and other mechanical parts.
  • Flow Tests: A flow test allows us to make sure that the output of the system is in a proper range.  If they are not in the right range, we will inspect other parts of your well system until we find the problem.  This could be an issue with the motor, controls, electrical system, or pressure levels.  Our team will let you know if you need repair services as they inspect and test your system.
  • Water Tests: A water test for your well is usually performed during a maintenance check-up.  Water tests are necessary to make sure that you don’t have contaminants or bacteria that causes illness in the water coming from your well.  Once we have the results of your water test, we will share them with you and come up with solutions if your water has contaminants.  While these contaminants are usually dangerous, we work with all types of water situations and are dedicated to helping you have the clean water that you deserve!
  • Repair Services: In the event that you need repairs for your well, D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing will come to your home and have your well working again as soon as possible.  Our technicians work fast and have the ability to get your water running again.  An emergency with your well can consist of extremely low water pressure, no water, water that smells bad or tastes bad.  You may notice air bursting out of the faucets or sediment in your water also.  Call us to have your well serviced right away so that we can make sure your water is safe to use.

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