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Water Treatment Service
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Water Treatment & Filtration Wappingers Falls

D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing offers residences and commercial locations in Wappingers Falls, NY, water testing services and water treatment solutions based on the test results. If you are concerned about the water you consume, a water test can give you the benefit of knowing everything that is in your water. If you have contaminants, microbes, parasites, or bacteria, it should show up on your private water test.

Water Testing in Wappingers Falls, NY

Water testing at your home or office in Wappingers Falls can show you the levels of contaminants in your water and allow you to decide how to decrease those levels.  The chlorine, contaminants, parasites, and germs in your water could be making you sick or increasing your risk for diseases, so water testing can give you the facts you need to be healthier.

Chlorine and Lead:

Chlorine and lead are two common things that you will find on the results from a private water test.  If you have a high chlorine content, then you may notice that it influences your skin, hair, clothing, and if you drink the water, it could make you feel bad.  Chlorine also has an unpleasant smell and taste, so most people avoid the water.

If you have lead in your water, it is probably from your home rather than the water source.  Many older homes have pipes that are corroded by sediments or acidic water, so the lead in the pipes enters the clean water that flows through the faucets.  Lead is a well-known danger if it is consumed, so treatment is necessary to make sure that it isn’t in the water people use.

Water Filtration Solutions

Water filtration is the key to getting rid of contaminants that are unhealthy in tap water.  A filtration system can also remove minerals that corrode the plumbing and decrease the damage that hard water does to fixtures, appliances, tile, dishes, skin, and hair.  Hard water can also increase how often you must buy clothing, just as chlorine does because the clothing fades and the fibers break down faster.

Point-Of-Use Water Filtration Systems: Most water filtration systems are point-of-use.  Point-of-use means that the water is filtered in a specific area of your home, or it is a portable filter.  You can find these types of filters in your refrigerator, on a sink faucet, under the counter, or a water pitcher.  Filtering your drinking water is a suitable alternative to bottled water and tap water, and point-of-use filters will give you the benefits of healthier water.

Whole-Home Filtration for your Wappingers Falls Residence: A whole-home filtration system is usually installed at your water line, so it filters out the water that travels to your faucets.  Our professional technicians can help you decide on the right water filter for your home, based on your water test results.

Types of Whole-Home Filters

  • Some filters get rid of the chlorine in your water. These filters improve the levels of chlorine and allow you to have water that is safe and tastes better.
  • Water Softeners – A water softener is a filter that takes out the minerals that make your water “hard,” so that you won’t have the damage that hard water puts your plumbing and appliances through. When you have hard water, you should have your appliances and plumbing checked regularly to make sure that the pipes and mechanics of the appliances are not damaged.   A hard water filter will make it easier for you to clean your toilets, showers, tubs, and tile in your bathroom.  You will also save money on many items in your home because they will last longer.
  • UV microbiological filters are used for filtering water that has bacteria, viruses, and other living microorganisms that can cause diseases and illness. This type of filter is good if you have a high level of parasites or other microbes that are missed during the city water treatment process.

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