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Boiler Repair & Service
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Boiler Repair, Install & Replace in Wappingers Falls

We are available in Wappingers Falls, NY, to make sure that you have professional repairs and installation services when you have problems with your boiler!  Contact us for information about preventative maintenance services and emergency services when your boiler won’t work at all!

Sometimes a boiler will stop working entirely, or you may find that it is just not working for one area of the home.  Either way, one of our professional team members can make sure that you have heat as soon as possible.  We offer service by team members with the right tools and concern for efficiency and time.  If your boiler can’t be repaired, the technician will make sure you understand your options for replacement services.

Typical Boiler Services:

  • We will make sure that your tank is cleared of sediment. Cleaning the residue out of your tank may require de-scaling and flushing your tank.
  • A team member checks your vents and flues for a boiler. If the ventilation is dirty, we will make sure it is cleaned.
  • We will make sure the controls to your boiler, pipes,  and controls are all checked for malfunctioning.

Boiler Installation

A boiler tends to be the harder heating system to maintain, but it is the most natural way to heat a home and the most efficient with an electric unit.  If you want to install a boiler into your new home or business, consider moving toward a boiler because of the health and efficiency benefits of heating with water.

The right boiler for your home is determined by the characteristics of your home, the type of ventilation system you have or want, and the size of your home.  When you choose to heat your home with a boiler, you get the benefit of having a heating source that adds humidity to your home and is easy to expand when needed.

Boiler Replacement Services

There is nothing like having an old boiler swapped out for a new boiler.  If you must regularly get your boiler repaired or think about how reliable it will be, then you’ll have the benefit of peace of mind and saving money when you have your boiler replaced.

Signs of Needing Replacement Services:

  • If you have an old boiler and must repair it all of the time, then replacing it is probably a good idea.
  • Energy bills that rise regularly are usually an indicator of needing a replacement boiler. Check with your energy company to make sure they didn’t raise the rates!
  • If you have a carbon monoxide detector, that works, and it goes off regularly, then you should have your boiler inspected right away. Soot and a yellow flame are signs of deadly carbon monoxide.  Have your unit serviced right away!
  • If your home takes a long time to reach a temperature that you are comfortable with, then consider getting a new boiler.
  • Sometimes a failing boiler will heat some rooms and not others. If the heat in your home is not reliable, then it may be time for a new boiler.
  • If you have regular repair services for your boiler and it isn’t responding to the repairs, then you may need a newer boiler.
  • Old parts are not easy to find as people move toward efficient boilers and technology. If you can’t find the right parts for your boiler, you may not have a choice in repairs or replacement services.  We may have to replace your unit because it can’t be repaired.
  • When your boiler starts leaking, call for repair services right away. A leaky boiler can cause many problems with the structure of your home.   As soon as you see the leak, get it checked so that you know you’re safe in your home.

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