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Sewer Line Services
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Sewer Line Repair, Replace & Install in Wallkill

D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing is dedicated to providing plumbing and sewer line services to the community of Wallkill, NY. If you think you need sewer line repairs, replacement services, or you are building a new home, we can send a qualified plumber to make sure that you have a sewer system that performs well.

Sewer Line Repair Services

Many sewer line repairs have to do with a clogged sewer line.  If your bathroom or kitchen drains aren’t working properly, you could have an issue with your sewer line on your property.  Figuring out if you have a clog is pretty easy if your sewer line hasn’t been serviced in many years.  It is important to have a professional service it as soon as possible, so you don’t have to get replacement services because the clog gets so big it does damage to the line.

Signs of Sewer Line Clogging

  • One of the biggest signs that you have a problem with your sewer line is when sewage backs up into your home. This could be because of a storm or problem at the city line, but it is usually because you have a clog in your sewer line.
  • If you notice that the water in your toilet is gone and then it comes back later, this means that you have inconsistent water levels. Inconsistent water levels in your toilet are a good sign of problems with a clog or break in your sewer line.
  • If your sink or bathtub drains slowly, it could mean that you have a clogged sewer line or an isolated clog in a drain. If it is an isolated clog, then the other areas of the home shouldn’t have a problem with slow draining.

Sewer Line Installation Services in Wallkill

D. Rohde Heating and Plumbing provides the community of Wallkill installation for homes that need new sewer systems or an updated sewer line and plumbing. We have experienced professionals that have expertise with installation, so you can have the peace of mind that your installation will provide you with many years of safe and reliable plumbing for your new home.

If you have plans and need an estimate, we can provide you with an estimate and follow the schedule for your new home plan.  We will work with you to make sure our installation goes quickly and professionally so that you don’t need repair services too soon.

Sewer Line Replacement

If you need to have a sewer line replaced, it may be because of a break in your sewer pipe.  If the break is too extensive to repair, or the pipes are too old to repair, you will have to have your sewer line replaced before your home is back to good working order.

Broken Sewer Line Indicators

  • A broken sewer line may have sewage leaking into the basement of your home or your yard. You may also have a problem with the sewage backing up into your home through the pipes.
  • Sewage is in your yard. If you have a yard that smells like sewer and has soggy spots, you probably have a broken sewer line.
  • If you notice that the plants and grass that are near or over your sewer line are growing faster and more vibrant, your sewer line has a leak. Plants grow faster and are more vibrant when they are fertilized.
  • Your sewer line is in the ground with a bunch of large, older, trees. You may have old pipes that are compacted with tree roots.  These roots can break your sewer line easily and sometimes without warning.   The best way to combat tree roots in your sewer line is to have regular maintenance and cleaning, so there isn’t a buildup in your sewer line.
  • If there are animals gathering in your yard, they may be attracted to leaking sewer. If they continue to go to the same spot in your yard, it is highly probable that you have a plumbing problem.

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