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Boiler Repair & Service
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Boiler Repair, Install & Replacement in Wallkill

If you need boiler repairs, replacement services, or a new installation in Wallkill, NY, contact us for a consultation with one of our professional team members.  We provide you with thorough inspections and maintenance so that you can have reliable heating service.

We offer boiler repair services to those who can’t get the heating in their home to work correctly.  Once we inspect the boiler, then we will know if you need repairs or a replacement because it isn’t able to be repaired.  Our technicians will get the job done fast so that you are without heat for a minimal amount of time.

Servicing a Boiler:

  • When we visit your home, we will make sure that the flue and vents that go to your heating system are clean and working well.
  • We will flush the tank and de-scale it if needed. Removing sediment gives you better efficiency.
  • We will inspect the pipes, tank, and other components and controls to make sure everything works correctly. Once the inspection is done, we will be able to tell you what needs to be fixed or if you need a replacement boiler.
  • We will make sure that all the moving parts on your boiler are well lubricated and ready to work.

Boiler Installation

Installation services are quick and reliable with D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing.  We are experienced with new installations for homes and buildings in the Wallkill, NY, area.

You may need some assistance choosing the right boiler for your home, so our technicians are available to inspect your home and install the right sized boiler.  We also install boilers in older homes, if you want to change the heating system in your home.

Once your boiler is set up, we will make sure that it is efficient and delivering heat to all the rooms in your home.

Boiler Replacement Services

If your building is older, then you may want to get an updated unit just to save money and be under warranty again!  A standard boiler is supposed to last for ten years, but it is typical to see them last for 15 to 20 with excellent preventative maintenance.

  • Think about replacing your boiler as it ages. Past ten years, you can start saving slowly for a new unit and buy one when you start seeing your old one go bad or lose its efficiency.
  • If you have high energy bills, then it may be because your boiler is using too much energy and steadily using more. Higher bills may be for many reasons, but the age of a water heater is usually a contributing factor.
  • It may be impossible for you to get parts for your older boiler any longer. A lack of available parts will probably force you into buying a newer unit for your home.
  • If you have a boiler that leaks, then call for help right away. Some leaks are repairable if they are caught early.  Other leaks are not and can cause significant damage to your home. Replacement services are necessary if your tank leaks.  The water in the tank should be drained, so it doesn’t all leak onto the floor.
  • If you have a boiler that works great for some rooms, and not so great for others, this is a sign that your boiler is not working correctly for your home. Repair services may fix the problem.  If the repairs don’t work, you should have a replacement.
  • If your boiler produces carbon monoxide, then you have a big problem and need a new unit. Carbon monoxide is deadly and shouldn’t be inside your home.  Make sure to have a few detectors installed so that you know when you are in danger.

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