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Water Pump Service
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Well Pump Repair, Install & Replace in Newburgh

D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing is happy to offer the residents of Newburgh, NY well services. We have installation, replacement, and repair services by professionals experienced with most types of wells.

Well Pump Installation Services

There are different types of well pumps.  Choosing the right pump  depends on how deep your well is and your personal preference.   If you are having a challenging time choosing the right well pump, our service technicians are glad to provide you with a consultation and an estimate for installation.

  • Submersible Pump: A submersible pump is completely inside the well and is great for people who don’t want equipment above ground.  These are usually the best for a deep well and tend to last a long time without needing repairs.
  • Single Drop Well Pump: A single drop jet pump is generally used for shallow wells.  If you have a good water source and your well doesn’t have to be deep, this type of jet pump is great for your property.  They are the easiest to maintain and repair because they are above the well and easy to access.
  • Double Drop Well Pump: A double drop well pump works like a single drop pump but is split into two sections.  The jet mechanism is located in the well, while the motor is above the well.  This is a good choice if you want a jet pump, but you need to have a deeper well.
  • Hand Pumps: A hand pump is a pump that one uses manually to get water out of a well system.  They are convenient for people who have animals that stay outdoors, outside hobbies, gardens, and landscaping that requires a lot of water.  It is also nice to use a hand pump to wash the dirt off your hands instead of going inside.  Many people want a hand pump because they can still have access to water if there is a power outage.

Maintenance and Repair Services for Wells in Newburgh

An annual check-up is an effective way to make sure you have your well checked on a schedule.  Just like plumbing, many people forget to have regular service until they need repairs.  You will have more peace of mind if you know your well gets inspections and tests on a regular basis.

  • Water Testing: If your water changed or doesn’t taste good, we can come to perform a water test and inspection to make sure your well pump is working properly.  A water test will show us if there are any contaminants in your well.  If there are contaminants, we can offer solutions to the problem based on what kind of contaminant you have.
  • Flow Testing: A flow test for your well pump is performed to make sure that it is generating a certain amount of water per minute.  If your well pump is over or under the target range, you may have a problem with how your water flows out of your faucets.  We can make the adjustments or repairs to get your water flowing at the correct rate.
  • Well Inspections: Our well inspections are detailed and customized based on your current situation with your well.  If we are looking for a problem, our tests are more in-depth than regular maintenance checks, so we can make sure that even after repairs, everything else is working properly.  Inspections may consist of visual inspections, checking the electrical, and inspection of the well and well pump.
  • Well Repair Services: Most repair services are needed because a well either stops working altogether or it isn’t performing the way it should.  Our technicians can figure out the problem you have with the well on your property and discuss the repairs you need to get it working again.  If you feel like your water is contaminated or your well pump isn’t working at all, call us right away so that we can help you have healthy and safe water running through your faucets again.

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