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Water Treatment Service
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Water Treatment, Testing & Filtration in Newburgh

Water testing and treatment for the Newburgh, NY, area is important if you think your drinking water is contaminated.  A qualified service technician from D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing can come to your home and make sure that you have professional water testing.  Once we get the results, we will share them with you and help you with practical solutions if your water isn’t good for consumption.

Water Testing Services

There are several benefits of testing your water in Newburgh.  Not only will you find out exactly what is in your tap water, but you will also be able to start working on a solution if you have a problem.  You may have hard water, contaminated water, or microorganisms in your water.  All these things, including the chlorine that your water is treated with, can be harmful to your health and your home.

What You Could Find in Tap Water

  • Benzene – benzene causes many illnesses and is usually from an oil or gas spill or source. It is an additive in gasoline that is dangerous to your health.
  • Lead – if there is lead in your water, it is usually from the pipes in your home. When older pipes corrode, they can release lead into the water that goes through them.
  • Coliform – Coliform comes from human or animal waste. It can be bacterial or viral contamination and can cause hepatitis and cholera to develop.
  • Radon – Radon is a gas that comes from uranium. It can get into the water supply and cause major health issues.
  • Atrazine – this is usually used as an herbicide and can come from leaching or agricultural areas. Atrazine causes people to develop heart and liver problems.

While these are just a few things that could be on your water testing report, you should also have a chart that shows you the levels of many different water contaminants and minerals.  Once you have your report, the professional technicians at D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing can help you find solutions to the problems you have with the water in your home or office.

Water Filtration Solutions

Water filtration can be installed in your home or office so that you can have healthier water to consume.  Once the filter is installed, we can test your water again to make sure the hazardous contaminants are at much lower levels or eliminated.  This is the best solution to getting rid of plastic water bottles and feeling like the tap water you use is safe for you and the people in your home or at your business.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are point-of-use systems for everything from your refrigerator to a filter installed under your sink.  A pitcher and water bottle filter are also considered point-of-use filtration.  While these are good for consuming healthier water, you still may be concerned about the water in other areas of your home.  A whole-home water filtration system can help you solve your contaminated water problem for each room in your home.

Whole-Home Water Filtration Solutions

  • UV microbiological treatment systems help kill the living things in your water that are microscopic and can make you sick.
  • A water softener can help you with hard water problems. If you have hard water, your appliances, bathtubs, tile, dishes, plumbing, and many other things can wear out or look damaged quickly.  A water softener can help you extend the life of your plumbing system and your appliances!  You will also find that your hair and skin look and feel better.
  • A chlorine filter will help eliminate the toxic chlorine in your water. Once your filter is installed, you should notice a difference in how your water tastes and smells.  You should also notice that you have less skin irritation when you shower with water that doesn’t have as much chlorine in it.  Your clothing will last longer because the chlorine won’t fade the clothing or break down the fibers as much.

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