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Well Pump Services
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Well Pump Installation Services in Millbrook

If you need a well pump installed or replaced, D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing is available in your area to help with your well pump. We are experienced in installations of many types of well pumps.  While submersible and jet pumps are typical, if you want a manual hand pump on your property, we will install one of those as well.

Submersible Well Pump: A submersible well pump is reliable and lasts many years without the need for any repair services.  Annual maintenance helps keep your submersible pump working great for decades.

Jet Pumps: A double drop jet pump is called double drop because it has jet components inside the well and the motor above the well.  This type of pump is usually for deep wells.

A single drop jet pump: is typically for a shallow well, and all the components are above the well.  A pipe goes into the well to draw the water up as it is pumped.

Hand Pumps: A hand pump is manual.  If you live on a large property, or you like having access to water outside, a hand pump is excellent for access to well water outdoors.  A hand pump is nice if you run out of power and your other pumps aren’t working.  A hand pump is also a great solution to providing your property with water when you want to live off the grid.

Well Pump Replacement Services

 Some people buy a home and move onto a property without paying attention to how old the well pump is that services the property.  Many times, a well pump can go out without any warning.  Having preventative maintenance and inspection services before buying a home can give you a lot of information about the age of your well pump.  If you do need a replacement, we can discus upgrades with you or replace it with a similar type and size of the pump.

The standard time to start thinking about replacing a submersible pump is ten years.  If you have it inspected and regularly maintained, as the technician if they feel you need to start planning for a new pump.  Many times, a submersible pump will last many years past the standard 10.

Signs You Need a Replacement Well Pump Soon!

  • If you don’t have water flowing out of your faucets when you turn them on, then you either have a dry well, or you need a new well pump. Typically, the well pump is the issue.  Check the breaker and bower to the pump to make sure it isn’t a straightforward issue with the power.  If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting with a typical well, give us a call, and we will let you know if you need replacement services.
  • If your well pump is always running, it could be that your pump isn’t working correctly. Repairs may work, or you may need replacement services.  A good pump that is always running could also be because of a broken pipe or leak in your plumbing system.  Do a quick inspection of your plumbing system to make sure that your plumbing system isn’t the problem.
  • If your water pressure is really low, then you could have issues with hard water or buildup. There may also be low water levels or a pressure tank problem.  We can check out the problem with your water pressure to make sure everything is working at the best efficiency!

Having a well pump replaced doesn’t take that long and is great if you have a pump that gives you consistent problems.  Our team will help you  Consider us when you need replacement services or a new plumbing system.

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