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Water Treatment Services
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Water Treatment and Filtration Millbrook

Whether you have a well or city water in Millbrook, NY, you can usually benefit from having water treatment and filtration for your home.  Treating your water with a water softener can help the plumbing in your home and make your water taste better because it has fewer minerals in it.  A filtration system will clean out many of the contaminants in tap water and give you healthier water to drink!

Water treatment comes in different forms, water softening being the most popular.

Signs of Hard Water:

  • Your faucets may have watermarks on them after you clean them.
  • You may see a buildup of lime or chalk on the walls of your home. This buildup could also be in the sinks and showers.
  • You may notice an issue right away because of the taste or smell of the water coming from the faucet.
  • You might notice that your hair and skin are dry.
  • Your clothing may fade faster.
  • There may be water spots on your dishes and silverware.

Benefits of a Water Softener:

  • A water softener will end up saving you money because it protects your appliances and pipes from buildup that ends up destroying them over time. You will have higher repair bills and need to replace your appliances sooner than if you have a water softener.
  • You won’t use as much soap because the water softener will allow your clothes to get cleaner with less soap.
  • Your hair and skin should feel softer because the natural oils on your skin and in your hair are not washed away.
  • Your clothing should get cleaner with less soap and shouldn’t fade as much.
  • You save a lot of time cleaning. With fewer minerals in the water, it is much easier to get your home clean.

Filtered water is also a form of water treatment.  If you have contaminants in your water, it is better to use a filtration system than a water softener.

Water Filtration in Millbrook, NY

There are several types of filtration systems, starting with the point-of-use systems to the filtration units that service an entire home.

Signs of Contaminants in Your Water:

  • Usually, if your water smells like something, that’s what is in your water. There are a few exceptions, a rotten egg smell is often sulfur, and a fish or dirty mold smell is sometimes bacteria.  All these smells are contaminants.  Some things are dangerous while others, like sulfur, just smell bad and won’t hurt you.  Regardless, no one wants to have to keep explaining to guests why the water smells or tastes terrible!
  • You may taste minerals, salt, or chlorine in your water. Chlorine is part of water treatment at the city level, but it is not healthy for you!  Minerals won’t hurt you, but they can taste or smell bad, and they will damage your home over time.
  • If you have brown or orange stains in your home appliances or toilets, then you have too much iron in your water. Water filters and water softeners can help with the iron in your water.

If you think your water is contaminated, call us for a water test and to talk about filtration options for your home.  Getting a point-of-use filtration system is smart if the water is making you sick.  Stay away from the water until you have the results from the test, and we can solve the problem.

Benefits of Water Filtration for Your Entire Home:

  • One of the greatest ways to make sure everyone in your home is healthy is a filtration system for your water. A whole-home system is good because it protects your family while they use the bathroom sinks and the baths.  If the water is too contaminated to drink, then it usually isn’t safe for bathing either.
  • You will reduce the minerals in your water, just like a water softener. Therefore, you get the benefits of having an easier time cleaning.

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