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Millbrook Plumbers
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D. Rohde Licensed Millbrook Plumbers

If you live in Millbrook, NY, and need a plumber for preventative maintenance, emergency plumbing services, replacement, or installation services, our team of professional plumbers is available for all your plumbing needs.  Consider our team as part of your regular home maintenance and inspections to keep your plumbing up to date and in excellent condition.

Home Plumbing Services for Millbrook, NY

Residential plumbing is important to maintain regularly.  Preventative maintenance is a great way to keep the plumbing at your home working great, so you can avoid extensive repairs on your drains or sewer line.

  • Drain cleaning is a great way to make sure that your plumbing is ready for the whole year — schedule drain cleaning services as preventative maintenance or when you have slow drains or a total clog. We will come to your home and make sure that your pipes are clear, and you don’t have any leaks or breaks in your lines because of the clogging.  If your drains stay in well-kept condition, then the rest of your plumbing tends to last longer also.
  • If you need assistance setting-up water lines for your new appliances, we can make sure that they work well and there are no leaks that can cause damage to your home over time.
  • If you have a problem with your sewer line, causing sewage to back up into your home, we can inspect the line and offer repair or replacement services.
  • Leaky or frozen pipes may eventually burst! Once you spot a leak, please turn off your water and call us to have the pipe fixed right away.  You won’t have to worry about water damage and clean-up if you catch it early enough!
  • We offer emergency plumbing services for anyone who has a plumbing situation that is out of control! Call us if you have a leak, water or sewage backing up into your home, or a clog that won’t move.  Once you have a significant problem with your plumbing, then your home is not livable until you have a professional fix the problem.  We know that it is vital to work quickly to get your plumbing back to normal again!
  • We offer estimates for your remodeling projects and new installation needs. Call us for an evaluation and to discuss the best way to expand your current plumbing system.
  • If you feel like the water in your home isn’t safe, we offer water treatment services and well services. We can test your water and make sure you have a sound water filtration system that works with your home plumbing to keep out everything that may make you sick.  Water filtration is also a great way to keep your plumbing maintained longer because there aren’t as many minerals and other contaminants in your water to corrode your pipes.

Commercial Plumbing for Millbrook, NY

If you own a commercial building, it is imperative that your plumbing system is always working well.  If your building must shut down for a plumbing emergency, you lose time, money, and potential clients.  Consider adding our services to your calendar for regular inspections, cleanings, and repairs so that you stay ahead of any future problems.  When plumbing issues arise it is usually fast and requires fast attention.  We can respond to emergency plumbing situations and get your building’s doors open again as soon as possible.

The Importance of a Professional Plumber

It is important to hire a professional plumber because they carry the proper tools and skills to get the job done.  If you want fast and reliable service, hiring a professional with experience is the only way to guarantee that the job is done well.  Call D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & AC to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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