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Your Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Experts in Kingston

If you are a Kingston resident, you may be looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly heat source that will save you money on heating bills. There are many traditional options out there, including heating units that utilize resources such as natural gas, propane, or heating oil. The problem with these forms of heating is that paying for these fuels is expensive. Anyone from the Kingston, New York, area knows that the winters here get very cold. In fact, the lowest recorded temperature in New York is 15 degrees below zero. There is no doubt that efficient heating is a necessity for warmth and comfort during these cold spells.

You may be surprised to hear that there is an alternative to paying for fuels to heat your home and that it’s a method that’s becoming more and more popular in the New York area. This heating solution is a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump. When using an Air Pump to heat your home or business, a person is utilizing an innovative and state-of-the-art solution that is friendly to your pockets and to the environment.

How a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Will Heat Your Home

When snow is covering your Kingston neighborhood and winter winds are howling, the last thing you may think of is outdoor heat. However, it may surprise you that, even in the coldest of temperatures, there are trace amounts of heat to be found in the air. That is where an innovative Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) comes into play. Using the latest technology, an ASHP gathers up the little amounts of heat in the outside air and forces it into your home.

When these small amounts of heat over a large area are combined and pushed into smaller spaces, the heat really starts adding up. This is why an ASHP is really an exciting heating unit to use; it uses the heat already in the air around you.

In the past, ASHP were used mostly in regions with a mild climate. This was because warmer air outside meant that this heat was more readily available in the air. However, with advanced technology, Air Source Pumps are no longer limited to geographically mild climates. These advanced heating units can now efficiently draw heat from even the coldest air. Not only does this save you money on your heating bills, but it also has very little impact on the environment because the heat is not producing carbon from burning fuel sources. In fact, this process is so environmentally friendly that the State of New York is offering financial incentives for people to install and use ASHP instead of more traditional heating methods.

The Clean Heat Program of New York

The New York State Clean Heat program has a clear priority: to promote the use of cleaner energy when heating homes and businesses. ASHP is a preferred method of heating by advocates for a clean environment, so the state is offering many financial incentives for people to choose this heating option. This program offers a substantial rebate for residents of Kingston who decide to install an ASHP in their home. For those who qualify, these rebates can cover up to 50% of the installation costs. For many people, this rebate added to the savings on heating bills is enough of an incentive to dive into an ASHP system, all while being confident they are not hurting the environment in the process.

An Air Source Pump Isn’t Just For Heat

It is true that New York winters get cold, but any Kingston area resident knows that the summer get very hot. In fact, during the hottest heat waves, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. What many people don’t realize about ASHP is that they aren’t just used to heat homes but can be used as air conditioning units as well. It is a true heating and air conditioning unit all in one.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Installing an ASHP is easier than one might think. When installed by experts and regularly maintained, these systems are built to last. It is not uncommon for a Cold Climate ASHP to last well over a decade. While the installation is more expensive on the front end compared to other, more traditional heating systems, the installation rebates offered by that state helps offset these costs. Furthermore, the saving on heating bills quickly adds up. An ASHP can be installed in any home or business, whether it has existing ductwork or not.

Make The Switch to a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump

If you’re a Kingston area resident and are ready to save money on your heating bills while completely decarbonizing your home, making the switch to a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump is an exciting choice for you and your family. Our experts at D. Rohde Heating & AC have the answers to your ASHP installation and maintenance needs and offer free in-home or virtual estimates. To request a cost-free estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact D. Rohde Heating & AC today.

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