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Boiler Repair & Service
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Boiler Repair, Install & Replace Services in Kingston

When a boiler goes out in a home, it is never easy to deal with being out of heat and sometimes hot water!  To get your boiler serviced in the Kingston, NY area, contact us for all your repair, replacement, or installation needs.  We have the tools and knowledge to get your boiler working quickly, so your home is comfortable again!

Sometimes a boiler can have repair services and be back to functioning at an optimum level.  You may have a small problem or need a standard service call to maintain efficiency.  A technician at D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing will assess your boiler and let you know what kind of services it needs to be able to perform correctly for your home.

Repair and Maintenance Services Typical for Boilers:

  • Flush the tank and de-scale sediment. If you have sediment built up in your boiler, it will be less efficient.  If the residue sits in the tank for too long, it can ruin your tank.  Having your tank flushed regularly keeps it more efficient and there is less chance of damage from sediment.
  • All the moving parts to your boiler should have the proper lubrication. We will check this at each visit.
  • Your air vents and flue for your boiler should have proper cleaning and be serviced at least annually.
  • Your pipes, the tank, and the controls get inspected during preventative maintenance an as needed during repair services.

Boiler Installation

If you build a new home in Kingston, our technicians can install your new heating system quickly and make sure everything works well for heating your entire home.  Choosing a boiler for your home means looking at several factors specific to your home.  Once we have all the details, we can help you choose a boiler that is the right fit.

Deciding on a boiler for home heating service takes a little longer than a furnace or heat pump, but they are usually more efficient, and the heat feels natural.  You also have the benefit of added humidity to your home, which makes the air quality healthier.

Electric boilers tend to be the most efficient.  A well-maintained electric boiler can hit 100% efficiency, which is higher than any other way to heat your home.

Boiler Replacement

Once your boiler starts getting old, then replacing it is inevitable.  While some boilers last around ten years, regular maintenance can extend that to 15 years.  It is wise to start saving for a new unit after your current boiler hits the 10-year mark.

Signs You Need a New Boiler:

  • If you have a carbon monoxide detector and it goes off regularly, then you need to get a new boiler. If the flame on your boiler is yellow, then that is an indicator of carbon monoxide.  The unit shouldn’t be used, as it is dangerous to your household.
  • If the rooms in your house aren’t heated equally, and you’ve had repairs, it is usually time for replacement services.
  • When you can’t find parts for your boiler because it is too old, then it is time to get a new unit!
  • An energy bill that steadily rises when the rates are the same indicates a problem in your home. If it is during the colder months, then it is probably your boiler.
  • If you notice that your boiler leaks, you may need a new one, some leaks can have repair services, while others are not repairable. As a technician if you should replace your boiler or repair it.
  • If it takes a long time to heat your home, then your boiler is no longer an efficient heating source. Having it repaired may fix the problem.  If the repairs don’t work, then it is time for a new boiler.

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