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Sewer Line Service
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Sewer Line Services in Hopewell Junction

Our team at D. Rohde Heating is always ready to deal with sewer problems or provide installation services in the Hopewell Junction area.  Regardless of why you need help with a sewer line situation, we can be onsite and working on the issue as quickly as possible.

Sewer Line Repair

Problems with a sewer line can be as simple as a clog or as extensive as excavating a broken line for replacement.  If you are having problems with the sewer line on your property, it is important to have it serviced right away, so the problem doesn’t become bigger.

Reasons to Get Services for Your Sewer Line Right Away

  • Your yard has sewage puddles. If you notice that you have a wet lawn in certain areas for no reason, it is probably a sewer leak.  You may also notice the sewage visually or smell it in certain areas.
  • Your sewer is backed up into your home. This could be a problem at the city line from a storm or blockage, or you could have a total clog in your sewer line.
  • Your home or basement smells like sewage. This may mean that you have a leak, even if it hasn’t backed up into your home.  It could be running into the soil around your home or under it.
  • Your water in your kitchen or bathroom won’t drain. If your water doesn’t drain in one area of your home, it could be a clog in your drain.  If the problem is in every area of your home, it is usually a problem with the sewer line.  If you can’t get the water to run freely by yourself, you should call to have your drains and sewer line checked before the situation gets worse.
  • You hear noises coming from your bathtub or sink pipes. These gurgling noises can be a sign that you need to have your line cleaned.

Sewer Line Replacement

If the repairs that you need for your sewer line are too extensive, your only choice may be to replace the line.  You also may want to replace your sewer line with other pipes in your home when you update your plumbing.

Reasons Why You Need Replacement Services

  • You have pipes that are made of clay or other materials that are corroded to the point that they will not work any longer.
  • Your sewer line is broken because of trees or the soil moving under your pipe.
  • Repairing your sewer line isn’t possible because of the amount of damage. Sometimes this is the case if you have an unexpected situation or live in an old home.  Our technicians will work with you to help you decide on the next steps in replacing your line and getting your plumbing working again.
  • You are tired of getting your sewer system repaired regularly and want to replace your plumbing, so it is more reliable.
  • You may have an emergency and need your sewer line replaced because the sewage is leaking into your home. Sewer is dangerous, so this matter should be resolved right away, so your home is safe.
  • There is a gap in your sewer line that can’t be fixed. Sometimes certain pipes will get gaps in them where they connect; if they’ve shifted, it may be easier to replace the line.

Sewer Line Installation Services

Sewer lines are installed for new homes or after an old line is eliminated.  When you are building a new home, consider the expertise of the professionals at D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing.  We can follow your blueprints and install your whole plumbing system if needed.  Working with professionals is essential when building or remodeling, so you know the job is done right the first time.

Our professional team will make sure that the sewer line and other plumbing for your new home is fitted properly so that you don’t have leaks.  Once we are done with a job, we make sure that the soil is returned, and the ground looks as untouched as possible!

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