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Water Treatment Services
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Water Treatment, Testing & Filtration Services in Beacon

Water quality is a serious subject that most people don’t talk about.  When you notice how many bottles of water people drink, it is because they don’t trust drinking tap water.  Water in our homes and offices can carry horrible contaminants that smell and taste awful, so most of us find an alternative in bottled water or filtration systems.

Water Testing Services

If you have a home or office in Beacon, NY, D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing is available to test your water and help you go through your results.  If your water is contaminated with lead, or other harmful levels of contaminants, we can help you solve the problem, so everyone in your home has healthy water.  You may have high levels of minerals, which is usually safe, but minerals cause hard water and are not good for your pipes or appliances in your home.

What Water Testing Can Show You:

  • You may have dangerous levels of lead. Lead in water is usually a problem that comes from the older pipes in a home.  Lead in your water can also be a result of the sediment and elevated levels of minerals that come from the city water source.  These minerals and acidic water can break down your water pipes and allow the lead to get into the water you consume and use for washing.
  • You usually know when you have a hard water problem, but water testing can tell you exactly why you have hard water. While hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous for humans, it can have a huge effect on your house.
  • You will see the levels of contaminants, bacteria, and chlorine in your water.
  • If there are certain parasites in your water, they will show up on your water test.

How Poor Water Quality Affects the Environment

When water quality is poor, more people use plastic.  Buying bottled water is a habit that most people have because they don’t want to consume water at work or home.  While this is a better solution for being physically healthy, it doesn’t work well for the planet.  Most plastic bottles end up in landfills, waterways, or the ocean. Plastic affects ecosystems, animals, people, and the whole planet is much uglier because of plastic usage.  While there are steps, such as recycling, to reduce plastic usage, it is easier just to stop using plastic altogether.

Beacon Water Filtration Benefits

There are many kinds of water filtration systems, but a whole-home filtration system is the best way to make sure that you and the people in your home are not exposed to harmful chemicals and other things that will make you sick.  A whole-home system will allow you to drink water out of any faucet.  You will also have healthier water for showering, washing your clothing, and brushing your teeth.  Water filtration also helps solve the problem with plastic bottles and the environment.  You will no longer have to buy plastic bottles because the water in your home is healthy!  Choose a UV microbiological treatment system or a chlorine filter system to make sure you are always drinking good water.


A point of use water filtration system is water filtration that is in one area; this can be under a sink, a canister, a refrigerator, or a water pitcher filter.  These filters are great for providing you with water that is good for consuming and for cleaning raw foods.

Water Softeners

If you find out that your water is healthy, but you have hard water because of minerals, a water softener is a whole house water filtration system that stops the minerals in your water from corroding your plumbing, damaging your home, and ruining your appliances.  A water softener is a wonderful way to improve your hair and skin!  You will notice that your skin and hair are softer and more vibrant if you don’t have hard water.

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