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Boiler Repair Services
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Boiler Repair, Install & Replace in Beacon

If you have or want a boiler at your residence in the Beacon, NY, area, we are available for installation and repair services.  When a boiler stops working and isn’t repairable, we are also experienced in replacing old units with new ones.  One of the best ways to heat a home in this area is with a boiler, but they can be hard to maintain and require skilled professionals to make sure that they are in good working condition throughout the year.

If you have a boiler and need to have repairs done, D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing has technicians that can work on your heating unit and make sure you have the efficiency you need.  Our technicians have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to get the repairs done quickly and advise you on maintenance or replacement services.

Boiler Maintenance Services:

  • We will clean the air vents and flues for your boiler.
  • Our technicians can check the water levels and adjust them when needed.
  • De-scaling is part of preventative maintenance that is important for efficiency.
  • We will lubricate the moving parts of your boiler.
  • We can flush the tank to make sure that it doesn’t have sediment built up inside of it.
  • We provide inspection services for the pipes, tank, and controls on your boiler.
  • Contact us for your annual boiler inspections, so the unit stays in good working condition.

Boiler Installation Services

While a boiler isn’t always the most popular choice for heating in New York, there are many benefits to choosing a boiler over a heat pump or furnace.  A boiler provides more natural heat, and it is easy to expand the heating system when needed.

Choosing a boiler might be confusing at first, but we can help you decide on the right installation for your home.  A new boiler for your home is determined primarily on how it will heat your home if you want to use water or steam, and how the boiler is vented.

To get the most out of your new boiler installation, choose a unit that is the right size for your home, and is energy-efficient.  An electric boiler tends to be the most efficient but can produce higher electricity bills that might be uncomfortable during the winter months.

Boiler Replacement Services in Beacon, NY

If you have an old or inefficient boiler, a high-efficiency unit can benefit you and your home.  If you replace your old unit with the right size and type of boiler for your home, you should see changes in how well your home heats.

Consider Replacement Services if You Notice These Signs:

  • Your boiler takes too long to heat your home. Taking longer to heat is usually a sign of old age in a boiler.  If you’ve had repair services and it still doesn’t work as well as it should, consider a replacement.
  • If your boiler has a yellow flame, then you have carbon monoxide in your home that can be highly dangerous. Have a carbon monoxide detector in your home and call for repairs if you ever see a yellow flame or black soot.
  • A leaky boiler probably means that you have a seal that needs repairs. You may also need a valve repaired that leaks.  We can determine if you need replacement or repair services, but leaks need to be serviced right away!  You could have an electrical problem, or the water leaking can cause damage to your home that is extensive.
  • If your energy bill steadily rises, but the rates haven’t gone up, then your boiler is probably using more energy and becoming inefficient.
  • If you notice that your boiler is heating some rooms better than others, you may have a problem with your boiler’s controls.
  • If your boiler is so old that the parts are hard to find for repairs, then it is probably easier to have replacement services than continual repair services.

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Stay warm and comfortable with D. Rhode’s premier boiler services in Beacon. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and guarantee our workmanship with quality work and dedication. Contact us today and experience the difference!

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