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AC Repair & Service
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AC Repair & AC Installation Beacon, NY

D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & AC provides the Beacon, NY area with high-quality air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement services. If you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit, contact us today so we can get your home back to a comfortable temperature!

Call the Local Air Conditioning Repair Team!

Our technicians know how to repair almost any air conditioner.  If your AC in your home isn’t working correctly, you could need repair services to get it up and running again.

Reasons to Call Us For Air Conditioning AC Repair Services:

  • Warm air is coming from your air conditioner. If you’ve checked your thermostat, then you may have an issue with your compressor or an airflow problem.
  • The airflow isn’t as strong as it should be in individual rooms. Poor airflow could mean that you have a clog, a broken motor, or merely an old air filter.
  • If your air conditioner cycles too much, you may need a tune-up to get it working efficiently again.
  • If you have high humidity in your home, you should call us for air conditioner repair services.
  • If your air conditioner is leaking into your home, you’ll want to have it repaired to avoid structural damage.
  • Odors coming from your air conditioner or ductwork can be a bad problem to deal with, you may need a tune-up or another solution to make sure that your air quality stays good and the odors don’t return.
  • A tune-up may be needed if you hear noises coming from your air conditioner that sound like rattling. Odd sounds may mean that you have a broken part that needs repairing.

Air Conditioning Replacement

You may need to replace your A/C unit if it can’t be repaired, or the repairs are too costly to justify.

Signs You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner:

  • If your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, it will save you money on your energy bills to replace your A/C with a new model.
  • Your air conditioner breaks down a lot. If you have an older A/C that needs repair services a lot, considering a replacement is a good idea.  Eventually, it will stop working, so planning on a replacement soon is a good idea.
  • The coolant in your air conditioner is R22 Freon. The federal government is phasing out freon.  The new coolant R410A is much cheaper and better for the environment.
  • You may have an air conditioner that is too small to cool your whole house properly. If this is the case, upgrading to a larger model can help keep your home more comfortable in the summer months.

Beacon Air Conditioning Installation

Deciding on what kind of air conditioner to purchase is usually a hard decision.  The right air conditioning system should provide you with comfortable air quality and temperature in each room of your home.  It is crucial to consider the size of your home, how much direct sunlight it gets, and how many rooms you must cool in the summer months.

If you are building a new home, you may want to have us consult on your whole HVAC system.  It is easier to get it taken care of and installed all at once!  You may also need an installation of an air conditioner because you live in a home without air conditioning.  We can come to your home and help you decide on the right A/C unit.  If you have existing ductwork, we will inspect it to make sure that your new A/C unit can work with it.  If you want ductless units for each room, we have several options for you, and we will make sure that they aren’t too large or small for the rooms you want them installed.

D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & AC is happy to have our professionals help you in choosing the best air conditioner for your Beacon home. We can help you pick the right-sized unit and make sure that it is installed at your home correctly.

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