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Preparing Your Pipes for Autumn

Preparing Your Pipes for Autumn

The summer is almost over, and autumn is fast approaching. Seasonal changes can come with many problems for your plumbing, significantly when temperatures drop, and the weather worsens. Stay ahead of any issues by taking preventive action now. 

Preventing Freezing Damage

While the temperatures may not drop drastically as soon as September hits, it’s a good idea to devise ways to keep your pipes from freezing when things get cold. You can:

  • Stop ice from forming by running hot water during the night
  • Install insulation for the pipes, whether it be actual insulation or paper and tape
  • Keep the heater on in your house

Avoiding Debris

The warm-toned trees of autumn may be beautiful, but it gets less enjoyable when those leaves clog your drains and gutters. Get a drain cover to keep debris from flowing into your pipes, and clean out your gutters regularly. 

Protecting Your Garden Hose

Your garden hose should not be outside all year round. It, too, can freeze and malfunction if it’s left out in the cold. Instead, put it away when the weather changes and keep it somewhere safe, dry, and warm. 

Checking Your Appliances

In the autumn, your water heater and sump pump will work harder to keep you warm and handle large amounts of rain. It’s essential to start the season right by ensuring these appliances are working correctly. Look for clogs, leaks, and other malfunctions that could become more severe once summer ends. Otherwise, you’ll go into the colder months with the risk of cold water and flooding problems. 

Contacting a Plumber

One last important step is ensuring that if you have an issue, you get it fixed immediately. This should be done by contacting a professional to ensure your problem is resolved correctly, quickly, and safely. Don’t enter the new season without ensuring any issues are addressed — get a plumber’s help today. 

D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & AC can help you with any plumbing problem you encounter this autumn. Contact us today.