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Preparing Your Home for Winter Months

Preparing Your Home for Winter Months

Winter is just around the corner, and you want to be sure your home is prepared for the trials of the season. Here are a few easy tips for winterizing your home and keeping it warm and cozy throughout the season. Eliminate any unwanted plumbing problems caused by the cold with these tips.

Clear out Gutters and Spouts

Remove all leaves, sticks, and twigs from your gutters and spouts to prevent water from dripping and forming ice dams around your foundation.

Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs

Trimming low and overhanging limbs and branches around your home can prevent water from dripping down and causing damage to your roof and siding.

Insulate Windows

Use caulk, V-strapping, and shrink film to insulate your windows and reduce your heating bill as the weather gets colder. Insulating your windows can also prevent drafts and keep your home feeling cozy even on the chilliest days.

Don’t Let Your House Get Too Cold

While you might be tempted to turn your heat down low to reduce your heating bill and save energy while you are away for the holidays, don’t let the temperature go below 45F. If your house gets too cold, pipes might freeze or burst, resulting in costly repairs and a stressful return home.

Get Your Water Heater Inspect

No one wants their water heater to break and be suddenly without hot water in the middle of winter. You can prevent this from happening by scheduling a professional inspection of your water heater. A plumber can service the unit and perform routine repairs and maintenance to keep your water heater in good working condition and prevent future breaks.

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