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Mini Splits Repair & Service
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Mini-Splits Repair & Installation Poughkeepsie

A mini-spilt installation is an air conditioning and heating system with two main components. These include the indoor and outdoor unit. It is the indoor unit that absorbs heat energy while in the cooling mode. The outdoor unit does just the opposite. It rejects heat that the indoor unit absorbs. Until a particular temperature level peaks, the cycle will repeat itself.

Indoor and outdoor units occupy different split locations, but they connect and act as a single system. They continuously circulate vapor and refrigerant liquid through dehydrated refrigerant copper tubing known as a “line set.” A certified technician can inspect your unit to detemine if mini-split repair is needed.

Mini-Spilt Installation Advantages

Split systems offer small to large four and five-ton output ranges for BTUs. This allows home owners to cool and heat their entire home. Of course, a small window AC unit is capable of only heating a single room. Here are several advantages of installing a mini-split system:

  • Mini-split installation systems provide a high degree of engineered efficiency. In some instances, homeowner and business owners are eligible for utility company rebates for energy savings.
  • The system can heat/cool,and provide year-round comfort. This is a major benefit for homeowners and businesses in Poughkeepsie and the communities of Beacon, Hopewell Junction, Wappinger Falls, Fishkill, Hyde Park and all nearby areas. Another great benefit of installing the unit is that it is 100 percent electric. There are no operating emissions.
  • Mini-split installation units are also all about location. Being compact, a homeowner can move the unit to location where it is out of sight. The unit is remarkably quiet.
  •  Looking to add on a room or section? This could be the solution if a current HVAC system ineeds expanding.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

When it comes to HVAC equipment, the world often thinks of bigger units as being able to deliver the highest level of comfort. This is not always true. Sometimes, an oversized unit will have a shorter life span and deliver temperature fluctuations. This is why it takes an expert to determine the unit’s load requirements.

At Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC, we can help customers determine their correct cooling and heating capacities. Many of today’s municipalities require that contractors provide a true load calculation. This indicates the contractor has done their job in a beneficial way for clients.

Mini-Split System Considerations

There are rules for installation a mini-split system. There are clearance requirements for the front, side, and rear of the system. The contractor may also have to get creative in placing the unit in an outdoor space that does not necessarily meet the manufacture’s requirements. This is all while keep the customer happy.

A poor placement can result in a bad airflow scenario. Customers do have the option of deciding where they want to place their unit. They can conceal the unit under shrubs or some other obstruction, but the contractor cannot compromise the rules of clearance.

If you have a need to install a new unit, or requiring a mini-split repair, give us a call. Our service areas include Poughdeepsie, Hopewell Junction, Beaco, Fishkill, Wappinger Falls, Hyde Park, and other nearby communities. We are happy to walk you through the service process, visit your property to access your needs, and leave you with a quote.

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