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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

The summer weather is almost here, and before temperatures start to climb in Poughkeepsie, it’s a good idea to check your air conditioning system and make sure it’s ready to handle the warmer months. While some AC issues may require the help of a professional HVAC service provider, there are a few things you can do to check on your AC system, so you know what to ask your service provider to handle.

Check the Filter

Every home furnace and AC system has some type of filtration unit, typically situated near the connection between the unit itself and the ductwork that feeds throughout the home. These filters require frequent replacement, and it’s important to not only purchase high-quality filters but also track when they require replacement. If you’re not sure how to replace your air filter or simply don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, a professional HVAC service can inspect them and perform a full diagnostic of your home’s AC system in preparation for summer.

Call Your HVAC Service Provider

It’s not a good idea to attempt to clean or repair your AC system on your own. Attempting to do so could not only result in injury or damage to your system, but also void your manufacturer’s warranty and lead to more expensive repairs. Always contact a professional HVAC service like D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing when you need to have your AC system serviced.

The team at D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing in Poughkeepsie can thoroughly inspect your home’s AC system, identify any issues with your system, and make sure it’s clean and ready to tackle summer weather. If you are unsure about your AC system’s performance capabilities or simply want to ensure it’s in the best shape possible for summer, contact D. Rohde Heating & Plumbing today to schedule AC service for your home.