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How to Figure Out If Your Well Pump Isn’t Working

How to Figure Out If Your Well Pump Isn’t Working

What are the signs that my well pump isn’t working? This is a question that many people have in regard to their water supply. It’s important to address these issues as soon as possible because they can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the line. Here are some tips on how you can figure out if your well pump isn’t working and what you should do about it.

Missing Water

If you’re noticing that there is no water coming out of your tap, then a possible explanation is that the pump is not working to send the water into your home. 

Strange Noises

One other thing that you may notice is if there are any gurgling noises coming from the pipes. This could be an indication of air in the line. The pump is usually located in the basement of your home, so you should be able to hear it when it is working. If it is not making the usual noises and there appears to be something wrong, it is likely indicating that your well pump needs to be serviced.

Low Water Pressure

A well-functioning well pump will provide consistent and powerful water pressure. If the water pressure is low, then this could suggest a problem with your pump or well system in general. 

Flickering Lights

You may notice that your lights flicker when your well pump runs. This could mean that the motor is seizing up or you have a short in your wiring that’s increasing the current demand.

If you notice any of these sorts of problems, then it is likely that there are issues with the pump. It’s essential to have it looked at as soon as possible to replenish your home’s water delivery. Connect with the experts at D. Rhode Heating and Plumbing to have it serviced and get your water supply back up to par.