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How Storms Impact Your Plumbing

How Storms Impact Your Plumbing

New York State is no stranger to bad weather. Thunderstorms can be especially common in the summertime and can be rather damaging to our plumbing systems. Here are a few things to look out for if you’re dealing with a storm.

Clogged Pipes

Storms cause debris, and debris can get stuck in your pipes. This acts as a natural and oftentimes damaging clog that will stop your water from getting through.

Increased Water Pressure

Water pressure is regulated because the stronger the pressure, the more your pipes will struggle to keep up. Unfortunately, rainwater rushing into your pipes will increase how much pressure the pipes are under. This pressure can damage your pipes if they’re old or weak.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are susceptible to damage from various sources, but one source you may not be able to predict is a stormwater flood. If your basement gets flooded, the water will cause the heater to malfunction. It may even need to be replaced.

Damaged Pipes

There are a few ways a storm can damage your pipes. Shifting dirt can move or expose pipes, which leaves them open to damage. Falling debris can hit or damage these pipes as a result. Meanwhile, the moved pipes will be under a lot of pressure, which will once again cause damage. 

Another possible cause is a lightning strike. If lightning hits your house, it can travel through your pipes and cause damage to them. Lightning is extremely powerful and is capable of causing anything from small leaks to major bursts.

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