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Heating Maintenance
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Heating System Maintenance Poughkeepsie

One of the best ways to avoid poor performance and expensive repair costs is to schedule regular annual heating system maintenance visits with experienced technicians. Our technicians have the experience and rigorous training to tackle any heating maintenance need. They can also give you excellent recommendations for installations and repairs that best match your needs.

New York temperatures can get cold. For those homeowner and business owners who neglect scheduled heating system maintenance and repair, the winter season can be long when a heating system breaks down. Like anything mechanical that is on the brink of breaking down, your heating system will show signs of needing repair. This is the perfect time to call out the experts who can check to make sure your heating system is up to par.

What to Expect During a Heating Maintenance Check

  • Our maintenance technician will check system components for any worn down parts. If so, he or she will immediately recommend a repair or replacement.
  • The technician will also perform a tune-up after checking the systems components. They are likely to remove debris, flush boiler water, replace air filters, and inspect connections. This is also an opportunity for them to calibrate your unit’s thermostat. Technicians can also remove condensation from drain lines.
  • Following a tune-up, our technician can monitor your heater’s performance for efficiency. He or she can also check for strange odors or noises as well. If all is well, your heating system will get a clean bill of health. If not, then a repair or replacement may be in the works.

Of course, maintenance depends on the type of heating system in your home or office. Additional maintenance checks, can include, but are not limited to, gas burner inspections that can reveal signs of wear. Add to the list checks to verify proper burner operation and airflow, proper calibration of gas valves, and a thorough inspection of all of your heating system’s electrical components.

Electrical components should always receive an annual review for wear and corrosion to ensure safe operation. The last thing any home owner or business owner should want to deal with is having a heating system break down on a cold winter night.

Failing to Schedule Heating System Maintenance

At D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC we know the decision to schedule routine maintenance can be a challenge for some. High-cost expectations likely rank at the top of the list. As such, many homeowners wait until the last minute to call their service company, and they usually end up paying more for a repair or unit replacement. Regular maintenance can end up paying for itself in the form of lower repair costs and increased operating efficiency.

Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of regularly scheduled maintenance. We have a history of providing great service to the residents and business owners in Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas. When you need an AC company you can depend on, we are the professional to

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