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Poughkeepsie Heating Contractors

Heating Contractor in Poughkeepsie

Top-quality heating services can heat a home or business during those cold winter months. As a property owner, there are things that you can do get things ready for cooler temperatures.

Residential Heating Services

Residential heating services include repairs, maintenance, and installations. One of the best ways to keep your seating system operating at peak performance is to schedule a certified heating technician out for pre-season check-ups.

  1. The technician can make sure that air filters are changed if damaged or dirty. The air filter should be changed at least once every three months. This can help prevent system failure. This is one of the things your technician can show you how to do as well.
  2. Residential thermostats can be adjusted to save yearly on heating bills. The adjustment can address days, nights, or those hours when a person is away from home. The goal is to save energy while remaining comfortable.
  3. Carbon monoxide detectors can save lives. Heating devices that burn wood, natural gas, heating oil, and propane all produce carbon monoxide when operating. Your technician can make sure there is safe venting. They can also check for possible gas leaks before the winter season begins.

Commercial Heating Services

At D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC, we specialize in every form of commercial heating. From making sure rooms are warm to the most complex installations, we can offer the personalized services that businesses need.

New commercial heating system installations can include new systems that deliver precise temperatures while helping lower operating costs. Owners can expect their unit to work smoothly for years to come. We can monitor your system through scheduled maintenance as well and fix any problems before they become major ones. We provide the very best in commercial heating services.

Emergency Heating Services

Heaters have a way of breaking down when everyone in the office or building has gone home. It is important to trust a service that can arrive on a 24/7 notice. When the heat goes out at 2 a.m. you can rest easy knowing there can be someone on the site to solve the problem no matter how complex it appears to be.

Hiring a Heating Contractor

Keep the following tips in mind when looking to hire a heating service contractor:

  • Do your homework. Make sure the company is licensed and bonded. Take notes on your current model and its current maintenance history.
  • Get referrals if you can. Neighbors, coworkers, and relatives can often make good suggestions.
  •  Look for special offers. Your heating and cooling system, aside from a home or business, is an important investment. With offers, you may be able to keep your savings under control.
  •  Go with the contractor that offers a thorough home evaluation. A bigger system is not always the best choice. The best choice is the one that fits your needs.
  • Get the offer or proposal in ink. Before any work is started, you should know exactly what to expect.

Give us a call today and schedule a home evaluation. We have a complete list of satisfied customers in Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas. We are the emergency heating sevices experts.

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