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Heat Pump Repair & Service Team

Heat Pump Repair, Install & Replace  Poughkeepsie

Without heat pumps, keeping your home during winter months might present a serious challenge. While your heating system should be up and running the entire year, winter is always the most vital season. A heat pump is often one of the most vital components of a heating system. There will come a time when you must consider heat heat pump repair, heat pump installation, or heat pump replacement.

The Function of a Heat Pump

A heat pump moves air from one space to another. It does not have to use energy to generate cool warm air or to generate heat. Manufacturers design the unit to move air in or out of a home depending on the time of year. Homeowners can experience optimal comfort while saving saving money they system works properly. A heat pump also operates at one quarter the cost of a furnace or air conditioner.

Reasons for Heat Pump Failures

For the typical homeowner, a heat pump is out of sight and out of mind until their unit stops putting out heat. The following are reasons that heat pumps fail:

  • The heat pump’s coil has frozen
  • The heat pump fails to turn on
  • There are loud grinding noises beyond normal vibrations
  • The thermostat has malfunctioned

What to Consider When Installing a Heat Pump

The first order of business for a technician is to determine the type of home where the unit will sit. He or she will take into consideration of the unit’s proximity to a neighbor’s windows and doors. They will conduct heat pump repair, or conduct heat pump installation. Either way, they will make sure the new unit does not violate any local noise regulations. For residence locations, the technician makes sure the unit will not affect a home’s structural integrity. Qualified technicians can make the best decision for locating the unit inside or outside.

The second consideration is to determine whether warmth or cooling takes priority. Will the home’s layout remain the same over the long-term? Is there enough space on either side before installing the unit? There is also the consideration for a split, or multi-split, system. Your installation technician can advise of the best location for your setup.

Your heat pump, if not portable, is best left to the expertise of a certified and licensed technician. These professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle refrigerant gases as well.

For the Consumer

During the installation process, all customers need to do is sit back and relax. The technician will check to make sure everything is operational before they sign off on the job as completed. Then they clean up and will remove any waste or debris from the installation area. Our technician will visit your residence and carefully assess every related factor and element that can affect your indoor temperatures. They are thorough. They will consider room sizes, the number of people to occupy any room, glassed areas, and roofing insulation as well.

Before they leave, they will also make sure you thoroughly understand how the unit operates. Customers can also rely on our prompt, helpful support whenever they need it. Give us a call today. We service Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Hopewell Junction, Wappinger Falls, Fishkill, Hyde Park and surrounding areas. Ask us about any discounts that might apply, and get a quote from a D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC specialist. We are the heat pump replacement specialists.

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