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Don’t Let Frozen Coils Sneak Up on You

Don’t Let Frozen Coils Sneak Up on You

Some air-conditioning problems accumulate over time. One, in particular, is the freezing of your AC unit evaporator coil. This gradual freezing occurs for a few different reasons, and it can slowly render your AC unit worthless. One day you may realize the air conditioner no longer blows cold air. The unit isn’t necessarily broken, but it’s still not performing its essential function, that of cooling your home. And with the warm months upon us, you can’t afford to ignore this vital component of your cooling system. Let’s look at why this happens, and then we’ll see how it can be avoided.

What Causes the Big Freeze?

Dirt, in one form or another, can lead to frozen coils. Whether it be a buildup of dirt in the condenser unit or a clogged air filter, dirt can be the root of your system’s inability to cool your house. Changing out your air filter on a regular basis is an easily forgotten chore, especially in a market flooded with different levels of air filters designed for all kinds of purposes, from fighting viruses to lengthening the time between filter replacement. It’s very easy to slide a three-month filter into place and then remember you haven’t replaced it in six months. You might have been better off replacing inexpensive, one-month filters at the beginning of each month.

Another cause of frozen A/C coils is simply a lack of refrigerant. This problem is not one you can blame on yourself. At any rate, if you notice your unit not cooling as it should, you may want to reach out to your trusted service team.

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Unfortunately, if your air-conditioner’s coils become frozen, you will need to do more than simply turn off the unit for a while. Whether the problem is insufficient coolant or an accumulation of dirt, D. Rohde Heating, Plumbing & A/C is here to help.

Stay cool, Poughkeepsie!