Google Guaranteed
The Google Guarantee:
The Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that pass a Google & Pinkerton background screening and qualification process.

What that means to you:
  • It gives the customer a piece of mind knowing that the D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC Ownership & Team have been fully vetted by Google and is part of a list of licensed & qualified professionals that can be trusted to get the work done right the first time.
  • 25 Jul 2023

    Of all the problems that can impact your pipes and water heater, sedimentary buildup is among the more harmful and difficult to deal with. This sediment, often a mix of minerals, can clog your pipes, cause leaks, and contaminate your water supply. Ultimately, if youâ...

  • 20 Jun 2022

    The air you breathe is one of the most precious resources you have at your disposal. Going about your day breathing poorly filtered air full of pollutants can be detrimental over time. The quality of air in your home can be directly controlled by the air filters you ...

  • 20 May 2022

    Water is essential to living a healthy life. Professionals recommend drinking around three liters of water a day, but something many people overlook is the quality of their water itself. When pollutants remain in your pipes, you and your family are drinking contamina...

  • 15 Jul 2020

    When you rely on a well for your drinking water and other household uses, it is important to know that it has not been compromised by potential contamination. Testing on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that your water doesn’t contain any harmful substance...

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