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Avoid These 5 Winter Plumbing Emergencies

Avoid These 5 Winter Plumbing Emergencies

If you live in Poughkeepsie, New York, then you know how quickly the weather can change to freezing during the winter months.  If your home’s plumbing isn’t prepared for the winter, you may have to call an emergency plumber to repair the plumbing in your home.

The 5 Top Reasons People Call and Emergency Plumber in the Winter and How to Avoid Them

  1. Frozen Pipes. If you have frozen pipes, then you’ll probably have to call a plumber to help get your water flowing again.  Frozen pipes are dangerous because they can lead to pipes bursting and water damage in your home.  To avoid frozen pipes, make sure they are well insulated and have plenty of heat during the coldest days of the year.  Open your cabinet doors, heat your garage, and make sure the plumbing in your basement gets enough warmth.  If you have clogged drains, your pipes will freeze faster!  Consider having your drains cleaned, so you don’t have to worry as much about them freezing.
  2. No Hot Water. If your water heater isn’t working, then it is an emergency.  Call a plumber right away to have your water heater checked.  It may only need a minor repair, or you may need a replacement.  If your water heater shows signs of going out or isn’t as efficient as it used to be, it could have corrosion in the tank.  Consider having the tank flushed for optimal efficiency.
  3. Clogged Drains. Clogged drains happen more often during the winter holidays than any other time of the year.  Manage what goes down your drains by installing removable screens in all your drains.  Also, keep a plunger by each toilet and sink when you have guests in your home.
  4. Water Line Leaks. As the weather changes rapidly, you may notice leaky pipes or no water coming from your faucets.  Call a plumber right away if your house doesn’t have any water.  You may have a leak or a frozen water line.  To avoid a water line leak, make sure your water line is newer and is inspected regularly for cracks or damage.
  5. Septic Tank Bursting. If your septic tank bursts, then you’ll have to have an emergency plumber to fix the problem.  To avoid winter problems with your septic tank, have them cleaned out before the coldest weather.