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AC Maintenance Service
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AC System Maintenance Poughkeepsie

If is extremely important to take good care of your air conditioning unit. It makes sense because regular maintenance will help your unit last longer. It will also help to keep your energy bills lower. Regular air conditioning maintenance can keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. Of course, the type of AC system maintenance also depends on your unit model.

There are a number of things that a homeowner can do to help keep their AC unit running smoothly for years to come. A certified AC technician should is capable of handling the complex tasks.

  • It only make sense to remove debris and brush on or around your air conditioning unit.
  • If you know how, you should clean the condenser coils at least once a year during spring.
  • AC unit filters will get dirty, and that is a good thing. It means they are doing their job. Replace them at least once every three months.
  • Be careful when you check any electrical or loose connections.
  • Lubricating your unit’s bearings and motor might prove a bit challenging for some. Call a technician out if the task proves too challenging.
  • Recharging the unit’s lubricant is a task for a qualified technician.

Why Have Your AC Unit Maintained by an Expert?

One of the biggest reasons is because the experts know your system inside and out. They also know when it is time for a repair or replacement. They can thoroughly maintain, inspect, repair, or replace parts as needed.

Inspecting Your Filter System

Your filters are essential for proper AC functioning. Sometime, AC units are often in locations where only the experts can safely service them. Servce technicians can inspect filters for debris or dirt, and wear or tear.

Thermostat Gauge Inspections

The thermostat is the control board for temperature changes within a home. There will be those times that your thermostat stops working properly. This means it is not communicating with you. An HVAC professional can easily check it out to find out where the problem lies.

Ductwork Inspections

Ductwork inspection is the job of professionals. However, homeowners can inspect the visible parts of ductwork in basements or attics. There are signs you can easily spot that may indicate AC problems. Look for loose areas around the seams along with signs of collapsing in the duct itself. Indentations in the metal parts require inspections as well. If there is duct tape peeling off, make sure it receives a thorough inspection. If everything looks good, replace it. Look for leakage around any area of the duct that might look dirty.

Inspecting Air Grills and HVAC Registers

Grills and registers can collect dust, dirt, hair, feathers, and other elements that can prevent even airflow. Your AC technician will ensure that all the registers and grill work properly, and will inform you of any areas of the home that block vents.

AC Compression Inspection

The experts can also inspect your system outside to make sure that plants, flowers, or other greenery is not clogging or obstructing the unit. Sometimes, units are not ideally leveled, and this can decrease efficiency. They will also take a look at your unit’s fan blades and panels for signs of wear or damage.

At D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC, we welcome a call from our customers at any time. Our service areas include Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Hopewell Junction, Wappinger Falls, Fishkill, Hyde Park and all nearby areas. Call us today to learn more about AC system maintenance and how it can prolong the life of your unit.

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