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A/C Installation & Replacement Poughkeepsie

AC units produce cold air. The biggest challenge for any home or business is getting the right size and type AC unit for the property owner’s needs. The right AC system can save consumers money and enable them to enjoy comfortable temperatures. A certified AC technician can install a unit with very little interruption in the customer’s routine.

There are always signs that it is time for a possible AC replacement. A certified technician knows the signs and can make the needed recommendations for repair or replacement. He or she can offer some great AC install suggestions.

Signs You May Need to Replace Your A/C Unit

  • If your AC is more than a decade old, it may be time for an AC replacement. If you have maintained your unit over the years, its life may be extend up to 15 years. While a unit over 10 years old can be repaired, it likely needs to be replaced with a newer unit.
  • If the air conditioner unit is no longer efficient, then it is likely costing more money to operate. There is such a thing as a seasonal energy efficiency ratio that your technician can look at and factor in to your AC installation. If the SEER rating falls bellows 13, then it is time to consider a new unit that can help you cut back on energy costs.
  • Expensive repairs, too close together, can drain a property owner’s bank account. The fact is the cost of repairs can be diverted to installing a new system. It makes good financial sense to replace the old AC system.
  • If your system uses Freon, it will be phased out by the federal government. There is a new refrigerant, R410A, that replaces it. This could be a good time to consider replacing your present unit.
  • When you can no longer keep your home cool, it makes it difficult to live during hot summer months. Home comfort is crucial for many families. If your home is not cool, then consider an AC install that will help bring your home up to par. A certified AC technician can help you choose the unit that best fits your situation.

Figuring Out the Size of Your AC Unit

A huge AC unit is not always the answer. There was a time when AC units were huge, and they used a lot of energy. A unit that is too large can turn on and quickly cool your home, and then shut off. It will fail to go through its proper cycle, and the outside heat will infiltrate once again, and the unit will turn back on and repeat the cycle. This actually drives up utility bills. A certified technician will make sure your unit is the proper size and runs a proper cooling cycle. You will save money and enjoy comfortable home temperatures.

An Improvement in Air Quality

The right HVAC system will enhance the quality of the air in your home. It will remove the bulk of those unwanted dust and airborne particles in the air, which can only provide a healthier environment for you and your family. An aged, dirty, or malfunctioning air conditioner is a health and environmental concern. Call the experts at D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC and speak with one of our representatives to schedule an inspection. Learn more about the benefits of an AC replacement. We service residents and businesses in Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding communities.

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