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The Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that pass a Google & Pinkerton background screening and qualification process.

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5 Reasons to Get Your Heating System Inspected

5 Reasons to Get Your Heating System Inspected

The winter weather in Poughkeepsie, NY, is freezing at times!  Without proper heating for your home, you can quickly have an emergency.  No heat in your home can cause problems that are unhealthy for your household, as well as the plumbing and appliances in your home.

  1. Consider having your heating system inspected to make sure that it is energy efficient. If your heating system isn’t as efficient as it should be, then you will start to see your energy bills rise.  If you are interested in saving more money on your energy bills and have an old heating system, consider having it replaced before the coldest months in New York.
  2. If you have a warranty on your heating system, then you are probably required to have an inspection at least annually. If you miss an inspection, your warranty may not be valid, and you will end up paying for all services for your heating system.
  3. Your heating system lasts longer with regular inspections. Preventative maintenance is a great way to make sure you have a heating system that works well for many years.
  4. Getting an inspection will help keep your heating system clean. You won’t have as much rust and dirt on your heating system if it is maintained with checkups.  Your indoor air quality is better when you have the filters for your heating system changed, and everything stays clean longer.
  5. Safety is an important reason to have your heating system regularly inspected. If you have a gas unit, then it is vital to have regular carbon monoxide tests.  The safety controls, wiring, and blower should all have an inspection to make sure that your heating unit is safe to use year after year.
  6. Rohde Heating & Plumbing is available for all your heating system services and heating repairs and replacements. Contact us today to make sure your heating system is ready for the freezing temperatures!