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4 Items That Can Impact Your Plumbing

4 Items That Can Impact Your Plumbing

From clogs to contamination and everything in between, getting stuff stuck in your pipes is never good. Any foreign object that may block water flow can create serious problems, which is why prevention is so important. However, there are a few things to look out for, and they can impact your pipes differently.

Leaves, Sticks, and Grass

Natural debris, such as fallen leaves and twigs, can gather in your drains and get stuck. These things are prone to decay, creating bacterial contamination in your water supply. They can also block the water from getting through. You can keep debris out by covering your drains.


Not all foods can go down a kitchen sink. Many of them can form a blockage, either because the grease and fats freeze and solidify or because the foods themselves soak up water and enlarge. Others can damage your garbage disposal and pipes, such as eggshells. Preventing this is as simple as ensuring you know what goes down the kitchen sink.

Sediment and Dirt

Rocks, minerals, dirt, and more can all get into pipes. Whether it’s because of a damaged or shifted underground pipe, dirty flood waters coming through the drain, or an issue at the water facility, much can go wrong if this occurs. Minerals can get stuck and cause the pipes to clog or burst. Rocks can scrape and damage the metal. Some minerals can cause hard water or make the water unsafe to drink. Keep an eye out to make sure your pipes are undamaged and dirt-free. 

Napkins, Tissues, Bathroom Wipes, and Other Items

Much like a kitchen sink should only take certain things, a toilet should only take waste and toilet paper. Anything else runs the risk of clogging your bathroom pipes. This can lead to everything from foul smells to your pipes backing up and overflowing. Remember never to put things down your toilet because you’ll probably clog it.

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