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The Google Guarantee:
The Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that pass a Google & Pinkerton background screening and qualification process.

What that means to you:
  • It gives the customer a piece of mind knowing that the D. Rohde Plumbing, Heating & AC Ownership & Team have been fully vetted by Google and is part of a list of licensed & qualified professionals that can be trusted to get the work done right the first time.
4 Helpful Tips When Cleaning Your Vents

4 Helpful Tips When Cleaning Your Vents

Your air conditioning will keep you comfortable in the warm weather, but it may also be a threat to your health. Dirty ac vents may fill the air with contaminants which could exacerbate health issues and also cause new problems to grow. It’s a good idea to wash your ac vents occasionally. Not only can this keep your home clean, it is going to safeguard your health too.

Cleaning Your Vents

The practice is straightforward, but it’s essential to be comprehensive.

  • Switch off the power for your air conditioning and do not turn it back until you’re finished cleaning. 
  • Utilize your cleansing brush to wash them clean. If they’re exceptionally dirty, you will want to soak them in water and soap to finish the job. 
  • You’ll need a long vacuum hose to get as deep in the vents as you can. There can be mold or mildew growing in those ducts, so make sure you vacuum thoroughly. 
  • Put on a mask while using the broom to clean ceiling vents, especially if it’s been some time as you’ve cleaned them. A step ladder will let you wash more thoroughly and also use your vacuum cleaner onto the ceiling ports.

The method does not typically take a long time, but if it’s been some time since you’ve cleaned it can take somewhat longer. Cleaning the vents should be done at least twice each year. If you reside in a climate which has warm and chilly weather, then you may look at cleaning before using the air conditioning and the heating method for the first time every year. The addition to your house’s cleanliness and your household’s health will be well worth the expense of time.